Bahan Habis Pakai (BHP)

Bahan Habis Pakai (BHP) produk GP Care, Winner dan Cosmomed sdh Masuk di ecatalog LKPP

Syiring 3 ml, 5ml dan 10 ml
Syring 3ml, 5 ml, 10 ml
iv catheter
iv Canula 16G,18G,20G, 22G,24G, 26G
3 way
3 way stopcock

Round Bouffant Cap
Mask Oksigen
Sterile Latex Surgical Glove
Alcohol swabs
Infuset Adul & child
Face mask with Tie-on
Latex Foley Catheter
Double Elastic Clip Cap

Nitrile Powder-free Examination Gloves (Blue)
Doctor Cap with Tie-on
Cotton Crepe Bandage
Alcohol Swab with Chlorhexidine
Ear Thermometer Probe Cover

Face mask with Tie-on
Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Alcohol-based

Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Alcohol-Gel
Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Water-based
Antiseptic Hand Wash

Face Mask with Visor
Non-woven Adhesive Bandage Roll